About Us

Limousine South, established in 2001, offers the highest quality service in luxury transfers, sightseeing and multi-day touring throughout the South Island of New Zealand.

Small group travel is our speciality and the size and calibre of our vehicle fleet coupled with the wide skill set of our driver guides set us apart as industry leaders. We are also the South Island’s foremost provider of driver guiding services for the Spanish, French and Portuguese language markets.

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With a collective experience of more than 40 years in the industry, the management team of Jeremy, Belinda and Jo provides a highly professional, friendly and efficient service to all our valued clients who trust their travel arrangements to us. We take pride in being swift, accurate and available 24/7.

Luxury vehicle fleet: late-model and built for purpose.

Some 20 years of fleet management has taught us the only way to guarantee total comfort and reliability is to buy new and buy top-of-the-range. Our Mercedes Sprinter and Viano vans have the latest on-road technology and represent the ultimate in luxury travel.

We are particularly strong in the small and medium sized van and small coach formats which are ideally suited for large family groups, C&I, VIP groups and small group tours.

Driver guides that tell the story

Our driver guides are hand picked for much more than their ability to drive. They’re experienced travelers, mines of information, entertainers, quiet confidants, problem-solver, respectful and patient chauffeurs. They are accustomed to hosting visitors from many different cultures and are sensitive to specific needs.

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Jakub Soltysiak

 Jakub has a degree in sports psychology and regularly features as an extra in all the movies and commercials that hit town. Always with a smile on his face and an incredibly sunny disposition Jakub brightens up the the day for everyone he comes into contact with. Photography and trail riding are his two big passions.

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James Penwell

Head driver for Limousine South, James moved to Queenstown in 2002 in search of fun and excitement. He is a skier, scuba diver, tennis and badminton player. He’s a trivia quiz fanatic and has even been known to perform the odd karaoke spot. He speaks Spanish and is an avid traveller having visited 47 countries... so far. Specialty: Spanish, General and Tennis

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Christian Figueroa

Christian, who was born in Chile, oversees the foreign-language guiding part of the business as well as being involved in guiding Spanish-speaking tour groups. He also speaks flawless English albeit with an Aussie twang. Known for wowing all the señoritas with his salsa moves, Christian is a keen tennis player and hopes against all odds that one day his beloved national soccer team will win the World Cup. Specialty: Spanish tours

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Evan Paterson

Evan, a former business owner in the deep south, seems to know just about everyone from Southland. He was a promising rugby player in his youth and counts several legendary All Blacks among his mates. He moved to Queenstown in 1997 and has been working in luxury transport ever since. Evan is also in high demand as a marriage celebrant, drives an MG convertible and is a big fan of country and western music. Specialty: Farming and Rugby

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Stephen Prentice

One of Scotland’s greatest exports Stephen has called New Zealand home for nigh on 20 years now. His involvement in the passenger transport industry goes way back with roles such as Operations Manager for Great Sights and Connectabus in Queenstown. He is passionate about the South Island and like all true Scotsmen he loves to spin a yarn or 12. Two of his most engaging attributes are his keen sense of humour and his willingness to serve. Specialty: General

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Chris Lewis

Chris is our resident photography expert. In fact he is considered New Zealand's foremost Automotive and Marine photographer having done assignments for brands such as BMW, Maserati and Alloy Yachts. When not photo shoots in exciting locations such as Fiji and Vanuatu, Chris loves nothing better than showing off the country he usually captures through the eye of a lens. A true gentleman and with a heart the size of his lens collection Chris' reason for being is to please. Specialty: Photography and General

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Ian Wooster

Suffering from a chronic case of Wanderlust, Ian was never one to settle down to a 9 to 5 routine. Born in Burnham Military camp he trained as a teacher, joined the Police force becoming a member of the Armed Offenders Squad and then promptly gave it all up to dedicate his life to tourism, reaching the heady hights of CEO of Tourism West Coast.  Interspersed with voluntary service missions to Fiji and building racing cars in the UK, Ian is never happier than galavanting around our national parks with like minded visitors to our country. Mention his Clubmans Champs winners trophy at Teratonga race track and you will never hear the end of it!  Specialty: Nature and Hiking

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Pete Watts

Born in Christchurch from good Southland stock, Pete invested his early years in travelling to as many countries (45) as his bank account could afford and along the way played professional rugby, became a rafting and canyoning guide and taught skiing to all and sundry. As of late Pete has channeled his energies into nature guiding as there are few people in the South Island that can rival his knowledge in native flora and fauna. Pete's a "Birdie"!! Specialty: Nature and Hiking

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Marcelo Canoles

Marcelo hails from Chile and obtained a degree in Tourism as he realised early on that he was a peoples man and thrives on social interaction. Two passions drive him, travel and sport and these two pursuits have taken him to the US, Spain, Andorra and ultimately New Zealand where he is living the dream showing people around this slice of paradise. Marcelo is pretty handy with a football and a guitar as every latin hombre is. Specialty: Spanish guiding

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Lindsay Sterling

Lindsay farmed in Southland for 35 years before semi-retiring to Arrowtown and he loves to show off the land he has worked so hard on for half his life. It constantly surprises him how fascinated people are with sheep farming and he’s only too happy to pass on his knowledge. A former president of Arrowtown Bowling Club, he gives Murray a run for his money on the greens. Specialty: Farming and General